Glad for Plaid

Once again, over the weekend I wore this plaid duster, I can’t get enough of it. I either wear it open as a vest over jeans and a tank or like a dress, as pictured below. After these pictures I changed into combat boots and a leather which also looked super cute, because it was super cold out. I was going to take pictures in that but I don’t want to totally bore you guys with the same piece all the time! Especially since I just wore this plaid number the other day. I hope I am not the only one who totally exhausts the life out of some articles of clothing. Once I find something I love, I like to wear it over and over again. This does not go for clothing for events or dinners or anything like that, just for everyday life for errands and what not. 

This morning Mason had the dentist and he did so well! I wanted to cry because he is getting so big but I held it together because I didn’t want my mascara down my cheeks at the dentist office. We did a mini workout after and had lunch with my Father and Andrew, three of my favorite men, so I’d say this was a pretty amazing Monday. 

Sunnies: Flea Market find $2

Plaid duster: Mossimo


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