Unfortunately my entire outfit shown is sold out. Fortunately, it’s because it’s a hot fit and that’s probably why. I don’t always do monochrome from head to toe but when I do, I am absolutely loving it. It is effortless and classic. I can’t see it ever going out of style. I put this outfit together specifically because I wanted all the focus on the foot. I purposely dressed head to toe in burgundy/oxblood/cranberry/maroon, whatever you want to call it so the eye flowed from neck to NMD. Andrew is a huge NMD fan, he has every colorway you can possibly think of and they are all sold out. He got me these for Mother’s Day and they are sold out as well. I love that they aren’t mesh or canvas like your traditional sneaker, they are suede. It’s little detail like that that really make a shoe attractive. Not only are the asthetics on point, but the fit and feel of the sneaker is unbelievably comfortable. I will admit I will never use a beautiful sneaker like this to actually run in, but they will continue to be apart of dope outfits. An updated military bomber modernizes the entire look and ties in the vegan leather Moto pant which adds edge and style. The ribbed knee and ankle zipper don’t make major statement but just enough to make you look like you know exactly what you are doing. Xx.

If you need styling advice or would like to have a wardrobe consultation, contact me at 

Jacket: Adam Levine, sold out similar here

Sweatshirt: flea market find 

Sneakers: Adidas 


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