Bewear Apparel

Whenever I come across a brand that is inspiring it’s a major attraction for me. I love inspiration and positivity. Bewear Apparel is all about that! They want to raise awareness for new entrepreneurs with their sleek tees to get attention and people talking. I highly suggest you check out their site and find a tee that applies to you! They sent me “Be a Legend” and I adore it. I decided to dress it up rather down because I felt a little fancier today than normal. I do love how it can be causal or more on the dressy side like I styled it. I hope you enjoyed this and please check them out! I will put a link below. Xx. 

Tee c/o: Bewear Apparel

Skirt: Lily White

Heels: Kelsi Dagger


8 thoughts on “Bewear Apparel

  1. you look amazing!! i love the asymmetrical cut of the skirt 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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