M a m a b e a r 

One of my best friends made me this shirt about a year back and I wear it ALL THE TIME. It is the most comfortable thing ever and I love the message, especially when I’m out with Mase. Since I wear it all the time I am always so scared the lettering is going to wear off but it never does, thank Goodness! This is definately my ‘Momiform’. Jeans, tee, comfortable pair of kicks and sunglasses to hide the bags under my eyes. And let’s not forget the bold lipstick. I honestly feel that a good lip pulls any outfit together. I didn’t wear any makeup here and since I felt so causal, a bold lip for me was key. My father said “Jac what’s with the goth look” and then mentioned that he thought I got braces! Haha he cracks me up. A black lip isn’t for everyone but I highly urge you to try it because if you follow me on snap (yourfavwhitegal) I explained how the saying is true, ‘once you go black you never go back’ because it is now my go to color, for every outfit! I used to be that girl who always wore nude no matter what and would never even dare try a red or pink shade, now my lips are black. It’s funny how time changes everything. 

Sunnies: farmers market buy

Shirt: made by my lovely friend Lin and her amazing hubby Steven

Jeans: BDG

sneakers: Vans


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