Boho Babe, Again.

I originally said I wanted to steer clear of boho looks, but I literally can’t. I wanted to dress in more form fitting clothing but on a 90 degree day, that is not happening. This type of outfit is perfect for sunny, hot weather. Everything is flowing and nothing is tight so it makes for easier everything. Okay so I must admit, the wool hat was just for pictures and I took it off right after, also because I had a dentist appointment. So I went to the dentist (sans hat, hence side fishtail) and then ran to get my nails done before the big holiday weekend ahead. Perfect for looking cute and comfortable for running errands. I’m sad to say that I got this dress at Target last year so it is no longer available. I absolutely adore this cold shoulder dress. I wore it in the winter with a leather Moto and booties and it looked adorable. Today was way too hot for that. So since I can’t eat because I am in pain from the dentist, the rest of the day is looking a lot like Mommy juice! To numb the pain of course! Til tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and as always, I hope you adore and come back for more!

Dress: Xhilaration 

Bag: H&M


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