More than Moons 

I consumed cheeseburgers in my weight this weekend so I felt this shirt was extremely fitting today, or barely fitting! I came across this website More Than Moons and it is all for foodies! So hello, right up my alley. I absolutely love everything they have to offer and I feel it is the perfect summer tank. Summer is all about bbq’s and bbq’s are all about grilling that cow and adding some cheese so, get in the spirit with me and check out the site. These tanks are a conversation starter for sure! 

And yes those are dimples on my thighs, probably from eating one too many cheeseburgers! I don’t edit my photos because I really don’t care to blur out my cellulite. I just add a fade filter and call it a day. It’s there, oh well, I’m good.

Sunnies: RayBan 

Tank c/o: More than Moons

Sneakers: Vans


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