Back to boho

I don’t know what it is but my vibes everyday have been boho. I just always want to embody a free spirited lifestyle and I feel this look always hits the nail on the head doing so. I saw this shirt the other day and had to have it because I love a good turtle neck. It just screams sophistication but since I’m not all about that style, I added a fun flowy wrap skirt that I found at a thrift shop to add said boho look. This skirt is perfect for laidback ladies like myself. I need comfort in my life while still looking presentable. I can’t stress it enough that I always want to feel good but look even better. When you are a mom, so many other moms say they don’t have the time to look good or have time to dress well anymore. It’s important not to lose yourself in motherhood. Also the more you apply yourself the better you feel on the confidence level. I’m not speaking shallowly but just because you have kids doesn’t mean you should ditch your itch to be great. The reason why I am on this topic is because many, many people are always raising the issue to me as how I have time to put myself together, because I am a mom. It’s not a big deal to throw on some mascara and put a nice ensemble together. My tips are going way back to grade school, pick your outfit out at night when your child goes to bed. This never really worked for me because I am all about how I feel in the moment. I don’t like to plan anything. I could be feeling Parisian chic one moment and grunge the next, but if you are a working mom, I totally recommend this. If you are a stay at home mom like myself, get ready for the day while your child naps. I know many moms who nap when their kids nap and if I did this, I would never get anything done. Dishes would be piled high, the floors would never be vacuumed and the Windows would never be Windex’d. Also, washing your hair twice a week, (if that) helps tons! And if you don’t want to apply a full face of makeup, Moisturize for a dewey youthful non-tired looking face. That is key!! A bold lip and naked eye covered by a cute pair of sunnnies also helps! (As seen below) insert monkey covering eyes emoji here. Side note: I don’t know why I always look so mad in my blog photos. It’s like I forget how to smile or something, I promise I’m really not mad at all.


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