Sunday Best

I wore the outfit pictured below to my cousins bridal brunch. Just my luck as I pulled my shirt over my head 10 minutes before leaving, a line of makeup was down the front. I quickly dug up my tide pen and treated it and poured water all over it, basically scrubbing it wishing for the best! I went about my day to the shower and let my shirt air dry. It left no stain whatsoever so moral of this blog post, always have a tide pen laying around. I only have a couple of white shirts because I feel they always get dirty so quick and raggy looking after a couple wears and washes so it’s not even like I really had a second option. I feel this way about white in general. I absolutely am so scared wearing it because I know I will spill something on me or Mason will get me dirty. The brunch was beautiful and so was the bride to be. She recieved gorgeous gifts and we all drank way too many bellinis/mimosas! What a great day it was though, can’t wait for the wedding! Below is my outfit and some pictures from brunch! Happy Sunday Funday!

Sunnies: c/o Style by Girl

Top: Hollister

Skirt: Lucy Paris

Heels: Nine West

Bag: Fendi

Watch: Movado

Bracelet/Rings: The M Jewelers


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