Life with a Threenager

I always said I would be one of those Moms who never lets their kids watch tv or eat junk. Reality is, sometimes tv acts as a babysitter when you have to shower or wash dishes and junk makes a kid take a blog photo. What can I say, I’m not perfect. Mason looks so “po’d” here because I told him he couldn’t eat the m&m’s until he took blog photos with me. But that face on him of me holding him in the air is what I live for. That little smile, it’s my everything. Monday’s are known to make some feel a bit blue, which was the case for me today. For him to have a smile on his face, made my day. Usually I love a good Monday because it is the start of the week which means new job opportunities, because I hustle most on Mondays. Today I woke up a bit lackadaisical and melancholy. I don’t know why. Chemical imbalance in my brain maybe? Too many hormones? Not enough hormones? Not enough carbs? Who are we kidding I’m always stocked on those! I don’t know what it was, then someone being mean to my sister put me even more in a mood. You probably saw my rant on snapchat. We won’t get back into it. Just a weird day, but being with Mason just makes me so happy. He is going through the “threenager” stage where he doesn’t ever want to listen and his favorite word is no. Everyday is a gamble and you never know what you are going to get. It’s either he is an absolute angel, or he is Mr. Independent who is absolutely insane crazy and doesn’t listen to Mommy. He knows exactly what buttons to push and just how to push them so not everyday is rainbows and unicorns. Lots of bribing goes on, hence the m&m’s and me hoping/wishing/praying it is going to be a good day. And today was a crap day for ME, but having Mase by my side always makes it better. He was being such an angel today because I think he could sense I was down in the dumps. And for no good reason either! I always have to remind myself that I am healthy, my babe is healthy and we are so fortunate to have the friends and family and life we have. Reminding yourself of these things is always for sure a mood boost. I also am not used to “threenager” because it’s been only about a month the change I have observed in his behavior. I know he is a little boy and they are way more rambunctious and boisterous than little girls, but I always do cut his sugar out and any food with dyes. I feel this always works!! (Let’s see how he is after those m&m’s lol) Also, my sister taught him baby yoga which also is an immediate calming factor. If you have any advice on how to tame your threenager, I would love to hear! Xo.

Sunnies: RayBan

Earrings: Cotton On

Necklace: H&M

Top: Acemi

Jeans: J.Crew


Hat: Kith

Top/shorts: Carter’s 

Sneakers: Nike


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