Just Do It Later.

I was approached by SheInside to style an article of clothing, so I took a gander at their site and fell in love. SheInside is a fast fashion website, geared for the trendy with affordable prices. With constant sales and limited free shipping from time to time, it is worth every penny! When they told me to pick a few items I was stumped, I wanted pretty much everything. I narrowed it down by picking my favorite color, black, and my favorite style, comfy. Naturally, I knew I had to have the ‘Just Do It Later.’ tee. It is pretty much the story of my life, a procrastinator. I am always putting off the un-fun things like doctors/dentist appointment, hair, nails, shopping for big events last minute. Even things like the dishes and washing my hair, ugh. So this shirt fit me perfectly, literally and figuratively. The tee makes a statement, and is a play on the Nike slogan, Just Do It. It’s great for the gym or for a casual outfit. It can even be worn with a skater skirt and some sneakers. It is black and white so it goes with just about anything and the best part about it is its 60% off!!! SheInside is also offering free shipping until tomorrow, June 14th and it is 40% off your first order, so don’t walk, run!

Let’s just talk a little about Mason here because I can’t even deal with him. This little outfit is foreshadowing into his future, a basketball pro! Andrew and I both played basketball when we were younger and we were awesome at it, so this little man will be a natural. It is already his favorite sport, just like mommy and daddy. I also must say that his outfit is pajama’s but he wears it as an actual outfit. I bought it with every intention of it being worn outside and not in bed. Too cute for just bed. 

Sunnies: flea market find

Tee: c/o SheInside

Pants: BDG (UO)

Sneakers: Nike


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