Borrowed from the Boys

I saw this shirt at Target the other day in size medium on the clearance rack for $3. SCORE! I absolutely love The Beatles. ‘Hey Jude’ is my all time favorite song and I use to play it on repeat at the gym. Most Jersey people are pumping iron (and their fists) to house music and there I was on the stairmaster rocking out to The Beatles. That’s when I use to go to the gym. Now I just sit on my couch and stuff my face and watch Lifetime movies any free second I get these days but who is judging? And even if you are I really don’t care! The shirt was a no brainier and I used to have one from H&M that I wore till it literally had rips and holes, which made it look even cooler but it was time for a donation bag. After I purchased the shirt, I came home to a surprise box of sunglasses from Style by Girl, (thank you so much by the way), and these Sunnies were in it. Along with more awesome pairs I can’t wait to wear. I just had to style the shirt with the them because I immediately thought John Lennon signature moment. Jaclyn Lennon, has a nice ring to it. I also decided to don a boyfriend jean that are literally my boyfriends. Andrew went on to tell me, “wear skinny jeans to show your curves, I don’t like when girls wear boyfriend jeans” but I wore them anyway because you can’t tell me nothin. But no seriously, I love boyfriend jeans, anything boyfriend related really. I wear his tees and tanks all the time too!

Sunnies: c/o Style by Girl

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Kelsi Dagger 

Bag: H&M


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