simplehuman Sensory Mirror

No more standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror wishing I had a seat to sit on while applying my makeup anymore! When I was approached to do a review on a mirror that was  guaranteeing me to look good in the sunlight, or anywhere for that matter, I was up for the challenge. One of my pet peeves is when I do my makeup and it looks great indoors, and then I get outside and it either looks cakey or I look too orange or something. simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror is designed with a super bright LED light ring that not only mimics natural sunlight, but also reflects light evenly. I can do my makeup anywhere, kitchen counter, table, during playtime with my son and not have to worry about “perfect lighting” because it is provided for me. It is cordless, but one full charge (comes with a USB charge) will last for about 4 months. The mirror is 5x magnification, perfect for intimate detail when plucking brows or perfecting that hard to achieve meow eye! Said sensory mirror lights up automatically as it senses your face. Or any movement for that matter. Not going to lie, this has freaked me out a couple times in the middle of the night when I have walked passed it. It’s like boom, whole room is lit up at 3am. This is a review so I am being as honest as possible, seeing your face that up-close is quite scary as well. It’s like a whole new world. (Insert Aladin music here)

A couple pros about this mirror is asthetics. It is so clean and professional looking. I like how it is stainless steel and matches all the other appliances in my home. 

Other than my garbage can, this is the first simplehuman product I’ve ever owned, and just like the garbage can, I am completely satisfied. Oh, but there is ONE MORE SCARY PART! On the back of the mirror comes an attachment with magnification of 10x. I was brave and tested it out and quickly placed it right back on the back of the mirror again. Unless you are blind, I don’t advise using that mirror. You will discover the undiscovered. Whatever that means. I’ll leave it to your imagination! 

In conclusion of this review, this mirror is pricey but worth every penny. I literally looked as if a professional had done my makeup when I looked in a normal mirror. You get every detail and leave no room for error. No contortion. If you are into makeup and looking your best, buy it!! 

*mirror provided by simplehuman


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