Dresses with Pockets

I don’t think I have ever met a fellow fashionista who doesn’t love a dress with pockets. I don’t know why this idea is so attractive to most, but it is. I think because it gives your hands something to do, perhaps not hang at your sides like a monkey while taking blog photos? Who knows. If I’m not too keen on a dress but I find out it has pockets, swipe! I’m buying. It’s like going to an event you are dreading but you find out it’s open bar! Okay, kidding. Not really. I think occupying your hands by just simply placing them in a pocket is just that more fun. If any of my readers have the answer, or a clue, please let me know! This “dress” is also a shirt that is size Large so it can act as a dress. Why? Pockets. Also, the kimono sleeves give it a little more flare than the every day button down. Andrew says it reminds him of a vintage Yankee jersey so he loves it which makes me love it even more. This shirt/dress also acts great as a bathing suit cover up! My sunglasses and watch were actually my moms from when she was younger. I can’t take the credit for that awesomeness, but I can for my DIY choker. A company sent me a necklace with the “D” pendant on a gold chain. (I guess the “D” is for my last name, I hope!) I ditched the gold chain and placed it on a piece of suede fabric from a fringe bag I had and viola! Cute DIY choker. I refuse to buy chokers because they are so easy to make. Take a ribbon and wrap it around your neck, not too tight! Cut a piece of fabric from a shirt or pair of jeans and tie it around your neck. No need to ever buy a choker, like ever. And please forgive me for my stained converse, that big discolored spot is ginger dressing. Yikes! Happy Saturday!!! 

Choker: DIY 

Dress: Zara



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