Life for the past two weeks has been anything but fun. “They” say bad things happen in three’s and boy are “they” right. Sunday night, whenever the VMA’s were on, I get a call from my brothers girlfriend relaying the horrible news that my brother got into an accident on his motorcycle. Long story short, he is okay, thank the Lord, but he did manage to mess up his knee, ankle, wrists. Ugh. Then, the next day I wake up feeling MISERABLE. Sore neck, aches throughout my entire body, heavy chest, fever, burning eyes, hurt stomach, like knives sporadically penetrating it, throbbing headache as if someone had my head in a vice and started to make it tighter and tighter, no energy or appetite. My mom had Mason from the night before for a sleepover but I had asked her to keep him for another night because I didn’t want whatever I had being passed off to him. This did not last for one or two days, it lasted 6 full days. After my mom dropped Mason off the second day my sister offered to take him for two days which I was so happy about. I honestly had no energy to “mom” or “adult”. Also I didn’t want him to catch whatever I had. I went to the doctor and told her my symptoms and she didn’t even know what I had. She said they are all normal symptoms but don’t add up to the flu or strep, and considering I wasn’t vomiting or having congestion or coughing, she couldn’t pin point. She prescribed me an antibiotic and on the 6th day, I was fine. Feeling fine, yes, walking to burn some cracker/soup/ toast (carb central) calories that I lived on for the week. Then I got a call from my Dad’s girlfriend. It was his one year anniversary of his Stem Cell Transplant so a day that my entire family thought we would be celebrating, we found out he was admitted to the hospital. I’m not going to get into it because it is extremely hard to talk about and far too much information, but now that has been my also want to respect my Fathers privacy, seeing as he dislikes social media. Hospital visits everyday for the person I admire most, my Father, have been the worst feeling in the world. I’m extremely close to my dad and will always be daddy’s little girl. I am so fragile when it comes to him, I want to always protect him especially because he did that for me my entire life. It’s a blessing that these nurses and doctors can do what they do and with modern medicine. He is still there and after I get out of this doctor visit now for my brother, I will be heading straight to visit my Dad. Who is making incredible progress by the way! Just another hurdle in life, and life is never easy. But looking at the bright side of everything that can go wrong, lets you realize that it always could be worse. Now you may be wondering all of this and you’re doing an outfit post? Yes, I am. Fashion is the only thing that lets me get out of my own head. It makes me feel a sense of goodness and I can control how I am going to look and feel that day. And believe me, I have been a mess everyday at the hospital in workout clothes with not an ounce of makeup and unwashed hair, but today I needed a distraction. I also don’t like to write negative stuff because what you manifest is what you create. So I am trying to go on with my normal life by blogging and outfit-posting! I am also now feeling major mom guilt seeing as I haven’t been spending too much time with Mason because I was sick for a week and now I’m at the hospital everyday for hours on end. So that’s another thing that is tearing me apart but I am just trying to hold it all together. Hope you all have a fantastic day and I wish you so, so well! Also, Happy Birthday to my best friend Stephanie. Now this is a girl who gets me and has always been there for me, since ’89! Love you so much! 

Sunnies: c/o Style by Girl

Dress: Heart + Hips

Choker: DIY

Watch: Vintage

Bag: Louis Vuitton


9 thoughts on “Life

  1. Jac it’s me and it turned out fine you look beautiful as always and now we just turn the page move on. You can what I had, I don’t hate social media, just bad pics of me in SM!! So you can say I had pneumonia and it is scary when you don’t know at first what it is but antibiotics (which I hate taking but they work) did the trick and you just have to be extra careful after transplant . Anyway I feel great again and lots to look forward to in the days and weeks coming up . I’ll try and get up the lake while your there.. I love you so much and your always happy so let’s just get happy again cause we got slot to be happy about! Love you honey!!

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