Happy Day

After 5 long dreadful days, my Father was finally discharged from the hospital today. I am back to being the happiest girl ever and really couldn’t ask more. My Dad is the strongest person I know, besides my Mom and I just can’t even contain how excited and blessed (#blessed lol) we all are. Without our health, we have nothing, so always always always do whatever it takes to be super duper healthy! With th exception of chocolate and ice cream because let’s be real. Okay and the occasional glass of wine or martini. Okay I’m done. 

Today is so hot that it’s another black dress for me. Black to hide my sweat and short to keep things nice and breezy! I am loving the minimalistic approach and not too sure how I am feeling about chokers lately. I absolutely love wearing them, but EVERYONE wears them now and I just don’t quite know my thoughts yet about it. I’ll probably stick with them but every chick I see is rocking a choker. And they really do look so cute on everyone. Just adds that little bit of sass to any outfit. And obviously sneakers again because mother to a threenager over here! And yes, that’s a Thomas the Train band-aid on my ankle. Once you have kids, nothing is ever normal🙋🏼😂

Dress: Forever21


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