10 Things About Me

One of my favorite Mommies on Instagram (@makeupmommy) tagged me in a “10 things you may not know about me” post. When I originally started to think of things people may not know about me, all I can think of were things to do with Mason. Like, how I learned that I love to paint since having a baby. Or how I absolutely love arts and crafts and that I’m actually good at it. But I am trying to think more things about solely just me. See that’s the thing when you have kids or a kid, your life is no longer about you and all you can do is think about the new memories you have made with your child. Okay so if you do know me you probably will know all of this, if not, here it goes: 
1. I am a huge germaphobe. I Lysol/disinfect my entire house (couches, doorknobs, light switches, etc.) anything and everything whenever someone leaves my home, and everyday without fail. Please wash your hands and don’t touch me. I am terrified to the fullest possible extent of germs.

2. I love doing laundry. I love smelling the clean scent and folding it absolutely perfect. Except fitted sheets, that’s for the insane. 

3. I dread washing my hair because it is so thick it takes hours. 

4. I am a coupon clipper! I love a good deal on anything and everything. (Hence ‘Expensive Eyes, Budget Buys’)

5. I have extremely bad anxiety whenever I meet up with someone other than a family member. You would never ever think this due to my bubbly personality, but I suffer from it every damn time. The only person who doesn’t make me feel this way is my best friend Steph.

6. I am an extremist. It’s either all or nothing with me.

7. I have zero patience. I pray for it every night.

8. I can’t sleep at night because I am too busy thinking about that first sip of coffee in the morning and that thought alone energizes my mind and body. 

9. I can watch Hallmark/Lifetime movies all day everyday. Andrew makes fun of me for this because they are so corny. Also the cooking channel, I LOVE IT!

10. I don’t share anything personal relating to hygiene. Also friends, please don’t take this personal. 
That was harder than I thought steering away from anything to do with Mason. After all he is my life now and I am like wait, something about me? Let me think about that long and hard for a second. Okay well I hope you like, and you have learned something about me! Please let me know your thought if you know any deep down reasonings for the way I am LOL. I know there is always some type or reasoning behind everything! 


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