Jord Watch

I was given the opportunity to do a product review of choice on any men’s Jord watch. I decided on the Dover series because it matched my personal style best. I was excited to do a men’s review because I used to only purchase men’s watches simply for the fact that I love a bigger face. I always liked the way that looked on a petite wrist opposed to a dainty women’s watch. I like the boldness and it definitely catches the eye a bit more. When I received my watch in a timely manner, (no pun intended) naturally I opened the box to be extremely impressed. The smell of cedar pleasantly infused my nose and I immediately fell in love with the packaging. It is a wooden box with a big “J” (which also happens to be my initial) on the outside. I could only help but think I would use this as a statement piece in my bedroom to store other things while occupying the timepiece in everyday life. The watch doesn’t only tell time but has a therapeutic aroma (think Burberry Touch for Men, a woodsy smell, if you will). The watch came wrapped around a burlap pillow which gives the effect of nature and a modern approach. The numbers on the watch very masculine, and the second hand the color blue, which gives the watch a pop of vibrance. The inside of the face is a stainless steel which is a muted shine with any movement. It comes equipped with a polishing cloth and finishing oil, to preserve and condition the wood. The watches are water resistance and treated with tung oil for grain finishing purposes. With any watch that is water resistant, I do not advise using in water. Ever. This watch can easily become a conversation starter due to its uniqueness and soothing nature tendencies. It is a refreshing change from your everyday silver or gold watch. Because it is neutral, it will go with sporty, casual or fancy dress. The beauty of this watch is also that it comes with extra links. It’s not to late to give the gift of Jord this Christmas. I will provide some links below so you can check out the entire collection. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! 

Watch: c/o Wood Watches

Men’s Collection
Women’s Collection


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