Pardon my Fur

The only bad thing about real fur is that it’s real. The only bad thing about fake fur is that it’s fake. It’s like a double edged sword or a catch 22. You can’t win. Or can you? I hit the fake or shall is say “faux” fur jackpot when I ordered this baby. Not only is the chevron touch appealing to the eye, it is appealing to the touch too. It doesn’t feel like fake fur, it feels real!! Fake it til you make it right? But don’t actually make it because then that would mean killing a poor little animal. It’s so bittersweet, animals I mean. You don’t want to eat them but you also need iron and don’t want to be anemic, you don’t want to wear them but you also need that warmth in the winter that a regular coat just can’t provide, you drive a BMW and really don’t want leatherette seats, I get it. I’m telling you this is something you need to experience for yourself, this coat I mean. It looks good without looking cheesy like most fake furs. And there were no animals harmed in the process. And PETA won’t flowerbomb you! The best part? It’s on sale for 1/2 off! $33 bucks to look furbulous! Okay now THAT was cheesy. Go get your vegan coat and of course as always, I will provide a link*

*coat provided by Zaful

*leggings provided by Lysse

Top: Vintage Havana

Boots: Steve Madden

Glasses: RayBan
Please check out Zaful for more fashions!


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