Andrew and I had the absolute honor to meet the founder and CEO of Hello Products. He is seriously the nicest man ever, besides Andrew. Mason was with my sister for the weekend, last weekend and I decided to go work for Slab Supply for the day. Low and behold two men walk in the door and spend some time taking a gander. We got into talking and Andrew asked what they do for a living blah blah blah. Nonchalantly, Craig, the CEO says “oh I own a toothpaste company”. The man he was with was wearing a “Hello” beanie and I said, “hello toothpaste”? And he said oh wow you know us! And I said of course I know you! You guys have the coolest packaging/marketing. I’m a sucker for good marketing. The packaging is extremely clean and minimal. Love that. Turns out the man in his Hello beanie was the graphic designer so yea he is pretty talented. So, they wind up buying a beautiful spalted maple conference table and from there it was history. Andrew delivered the table (and they are located right in Montclair!) and they hooked us up with two huge bags of all different varieties of toothpaste, toothbrushes and breath spray. They also hooked Mason up with kiddie toothpaste. I originally saw this Hello toothpaste in my sisters bathroom a while ago and then started seeing it in stores. I was always drawn to it but never bought it. I guess the universe led me to this reason right here why. We now have enough Hello toothpaste for a while and it is so amazing I could literally eat it. The Mojito Mint, need I say more? It’s almost better than the real thing. The toothbrushes are made out of recycled yogurt cartons which I love a good recycled product because duh, better for the environment and for my kids future, the bristles are soft and really clean your teeth. There are no chemicals in this toothpaste that will wear away at your enamel, which is why so many people have sensitive teeth. Unfortunately me being one of them. But not anymore thanks to Hello! And also there are no foaming agents which are carcinogenic so this toothpaste does not foam. It took me like a day to get used to and now I don’t think I could ever go back to that crap. These products make me want to go to the dentist just so I can see how much my teeth are improving. Flavor so good and teeth so clean, what more can you ask for? Mason is also a huge fan of his toothpastes and loves the flavors. I haven’t tried them but I trust his feedback. The breath spray is also pure so even Mason can use it. Although he doesn’t like it because he hates Mint. Mint is too spicy for kids anyway so more for me! I hope you guys will go give it a shot because it will not disappoint. Also, I was not paid or told to write this post. I simply did it because I LOVE the product! 

You can read about the company and find more products here

simplehuman Sensory Mirror

No more standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror wishing I had a seat to sit on while applying my makeup anymore! When I was approached to do a review on a mirror that was  guaranteeing me to look good in the sunlight, or anywhere for that matter, I was up for the challenge. One of my pet peeves is when I do my makeup and it looks great indoors, and then I get outside and it either looks cakey or I look too orange or something. simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror is designed with a super bright LED light ring that not only mimics natural sunlight, but also reflects light evenly. I can do my makeup anywhere, kitchen counter, table, during playtime with my son and not have to worry about “perfect lighting” because it is provided for me. It is cordless, but one full charge (comes with a USB charge) will last for about 4 months. The mirror is 5x magnification, perfect for intimate detail when plucking brows or perfecting that hard to achieve meow eye! Said sensory mirror lights up automatically as it senses your face. Or any movement for that matter. Not going to lie, this has freaked me out a couple times in the middle of the night when I have walked passed it. It’s like boom, whole room is lit up at 3am. This is a review so I am being as honest as possible, seeing your face that up-close is quite scary as well. It’s like a whole new world. (Insert Aladin music here)

A couple pros about this mirror is asthetics. It is so clean and professional looking. I like how it is stainless steel and matches all the other appliances in my home. 

Other than my garbage can, this is the first simplehuman product I’ve ever owned, and just like the garbage can, I am completely satisfied. Oh, but there is ONE MORE SCARY PART! On the back of the mirror comes an attachment with magnification of 10x. I was brave and tested it out and quickly placed it right back on the back of the mirror again. Unless you are blind, I don’t advise using that mirror. You will discover the undiscovered. Whatever that means. I’ll leave it to your imagination! 

In conclusion of this review, this mirror is pricey but worth every penny. I literally looked as if a professional had done my makeup when I looked in a normal mirror. You get every detail and leave no room for error. No contortion. If you are into makeup and looking your best, buy it!! 

*mirror provided by simplehuman

Fresh Face Friday

I went to the dentist today and had my cavity drilled and it’s pouring outside so I figured I’d do a skincare post. Outfit posts don’t go over too well in rain. Skincare is my absolute favorite topic and I am constantly switching it up. I feel my face becomes immune to products after a while so I always need a change. I am definitely not that girl that has been using the same skincare routine since high school. Sometimes I wish because I never know what product to use next. That’s why I read so many beauty blogs everyday, they are so helpful! Everyone has different skin, so whatever works for you, you would know best. For now, this month I am using in this order: 

1. I wash my face in the shower every morning with Palmer’s Men Face Wash & Scrub. You may be thinking why men? No I am not a man but since men shave daily or frequently, their skincare products are much more sensitive. I feel this makes my skin so smooth due to its scrubbing bubbles and it is gentle enough to use daily. 

2. After the shower I immediately apply Beverly Hills Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream to my face and neck. I make sure my face is still damp for maximum moisture. This cream is a little pricey but it lasts a month and if you are going to invest in something, it might as well be your skin! You only have one face! This cream contains flax, caviar and silk and that’s what sold me! I also make sure to add flax seeds to my cooking and smoothies daily! I also apply this cream at night before bed. Ps. I also bought one for my Mom and she loves it too!

3. Before applying makeup I use Nivea Men Post Shave Balm. And again, you’re probably thinking why another manly product? Well, I learned this trick from my fellow bloggers and when I was at a party the other night, the women all congregated to the kitchen. We started talking about makeup, skincare and primer came up. No one knew this little trick! So I figured I’d share it on my blog and I told the girls and they were all so surprised. All primers contain glycerine, the ingredient that helps your makeup stay put. Nivea post shave balm contains that same ingredient and when I tested it out, my makeup was flawless and on all day long. The pro is that primers are so expensive and this goes for about $8 in the drugstore, depending on which one you go to. The con is that is does have a masculine smell but it goes away once absorbed in your skin. 

4. A+D Ointment is not just for diaper rash anymore! I use this whenever I randomly get a big throbbing pimple! And guess what? It works! I must give my beautiful friend Kait who has FLAWLESS SKIN the credit for this one because she told me about it. I was complaining to her about a pimple I had that was so painful and she told me to put A+D on overnight. I was like WHAT? For diaper rash? She said yes and I did what she said, I kid you not the pimple was gone the next morning. It is a life savior and overnight miracle. Thanks again Kait! 

Now I am no beauty expert but these are just products that work for me and hopefully if you try them out, they work for you too! I hope you enjoy today’s post! Happy Friday! 

Get Yellow

I had the pleasure of trying out Yllo Turmeric Scrub and let me just tell you, it worked wonders! I opened the package and it immediately infused my nose with a crisp, lemon scent. It was so refreshing that I could have eaten it. In fact, if I wanted to, I totally could. Yllo Scrub is made with all natural ingredients and cruelty free. It is wait for it, wait for it…VEGAN, which means even my sister could use it. She is super vegan! This scrub may make you look scary but the effects are all worth it. Plus, you get a free 15-20 minutes to yourself while your toddler is scared crapless hiding in their room from you! Once you apply your mask, it hardens and tightens which I like because then I know it is working. It is easy to wash off, just rinse and it does not leave you yellow. Well, it did not leave me yellow but if it does happen to work its magic on you that way, well you’re screwed! Just kidding, use a mild face soap and you’re golden. Pun intended. I’m going to bore you with a little story about turmeric and how well it works. Not only does it do wonders for your skin, fighting acne with its big ole’ turmeric muscles, rids scars, which I suffer of from hormonal pimples back in the day and that lovely rosacea that absolutely no one loves. Turmeric is also great for putting in your smoothies and cooking with. As an ametuer runner, I say ametuer because I run like, a mile and I’m out of breath, I used to suffer from chondromalacia. I sprinkled some turmeric in my smoothies for about a week and bam, chondromalacia in my past, and stayed there. Also, I used to work at a desk job typing all day and carpal tunnel tried to marry it’s way into my hands and arms. It was successful until turmeric divorced that relationship real quick! So I advise you, try this scrub and don’t get mellow, get YLLO! Corny I know, but it’s true. I wouldn’t put it on my face and let it seep into my precious pores if I didn’t believe in it. I have it linked above and below just in case you don’t feel like scrolling up again! 

Perfectly Posh

Over the weekend I received these samples from Perfectly Posh and I tested them all out right away. I absolutely loved the fact that they are vegan, cruelty free, loaded with essential oils and naturally based. These are all huge for me! I don’t like to use chemicals on my skin and have been really going the all natural route when it comes to my skincare. As I get older, I can see the changes in my skin and I want to keep it as young and vibrant as possible for however long I can. Having a child gives you many laughs as well as lots of stress. So I definitely noticed this taking a toll on my skin, which has made me want to pamper it even more. I wanted to speak a little about the Cackle Spackle which is what I have on my face pictured below. This is a detoxifying face mask which I totally needed after a weekend of mimosas. This is filled with charcoal which is the detoxifier, and spearmint which tones and makes your face smell so fresh, literally like a stick of gum. I felt a little tingle the moment I applied but it only lasted about a second. I began to feel my face tighten a bit, and as I rinsed it off after 10 minutes, my face was so SMOOTH! Everyday face washes never give you that feeling so I was in heaven. I was also sent their caffeinated face lotion which I immediately applied after for the best absorption in my pores. I would recommend using this face mask about once every two weeks, or if you have sensitive skin, once a month. 

If face masks aren’t your thing, Perfectly Posh has a wide variety of skin care items that can be beneficial to you: 

•hand crèmes

•foot balms/crèmes/sticks

•skin sticks for on the go pampering 

•lip scrubs 

•bath bars


And so much more! 

If you would like to get started on your Perfectly Posh skin, please contact Yesenia Barreto (646) 977-5822 and let her pamper you today! 

*you can also contact Yesenia at http://www.perfectlyposh.com/yeseniabarreto



Monday Masking 

DIY Coffee Mask

What you’ll need: 

1 tbsp organic coffee grinds 

1 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil here


Once you have measured out your coconut oil and coffee, rub the mixture in your hands until it creates almost a paste. Apply to face and viola! Easiest DIY mask ever! You can also apply this all over your body or wherever you desire. I like this mask because almost everyone has coffee and coconut oil in your pantry at any given time. There is no need to buy the already made masks for expensive amounts of money. However if you don’t have the time to make it yourself and would rather buy one, Cup O’Coffee works well too! 


•Reduces redness, inflammation (bye bye bags!)

•Caffeine plumps up skin & helps reduce appearance of fine lines 

•Potent antioxidant 

•Tightens pores 

•Eliminates blackheads 

•Rids dead skin, makes you feel smooth as a baby’s butt

•Moisturizes like crazy (thanks coco oil for being the best thing on this planet, next to coffee of course!)

•Smells AMAZING!


Getaway Essentials

Andrew surprised me with tickets to a getaway for Valentine’s Day. I was so excited to be somewhere sunny and warm with palm trees. I knew I had to get some serious packing done for a 16 day trip. I went to the store and purchased everything new and most of the items travel size. I love to travel light because I find sclepping it through the airport is a wee bit easier with a toddler. One that I literally had to run after every second. So a light bag for me is a great bag! Pictured below are some of my all time favorite products and there was no way I could bring travel sized shampoo/conditioner. My hair is thicker than my thighs and so regular size had to do. Also, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana used to actually give me headaches but now I am hooked. Funny how my smell tolerance for it has changed. I figured a crisp, light, almost citrusy scent would be perfect for a trip to paradise. As for my teeth, they are the most sensitive things in the world, nothing like my personality, ha! So if you’re wondering why I have to use Sensodyne, it’s to save me from seeing stars from anything I eat, hot, cold or room temperature.  Also, this Shape magazine was the perfect read for the plane ride to get me motivated to stick to a daily workout routine on my trip. Although as soon as I landed, I had a cheeseburger, French fries, hot dog, pizza and washed it all down with a beer. But let’s just forget you even read any of that! Besides, don’t all rules go out the window while vacationing!? What are some of your getaway essentials? Please let me know if I am missing any traveling saviors. Xo.