Mama & Mase Smoothie

If there is one thing I love as much as fashion, it is food. They may tie actually. I have a passion for both. I love clean eating and dirty eating, if you will. Today I thought I would switch it up a bit and share one of my smoothies. Usually I post them on Snap (yourfavwhitegal) everyday and I get tons of questions as to what goes in my smoothies. It really is just whatever I have in my fridge that day and throw it all together. That’s how I cook for everything, I never go by a recipe. Learned from my parents because neither did they! They always just threw stuff together. Now, I feel like my mother ONLY uses recipes so her cooking styles have changed a bit. Still delicious though! Okay so…..


•1/2 cup frozen peaches ( I freeze them so I don’t have to add ice) 

•1/2 avocado (don’t be scared, it’s a GREAT fat!)

•handful of spinach (vitamin A&C)

•handful green grapes

•1 scoop Greek yogurt (0% fat)

•1 scoop protein powder (chocolate)

•1 tsp. organic unsweetened coconut shreddings 

•1 tsp. flax 

•1 tsp. chia

•1 tsp. wheat germ (awesome source of folic acid)

•1 cup water (you can use whatever you want for liquid, milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut water, etc.)


Place all ingredients in blender, blend and enjoy! 


Loco for Coco

I am coconuts number 1 fan. I love anything coconut. It is the best flavor to have in your mouth, the best smell to have on your body and in your nose. I feel the same about pineapples. They remind me of palm trees and since I don’t ever see palm trees (damn garden state), I like to always have a pineapple in my kitchen to give that tropical vibe. Also, they are good luck! I originally first made this smoothie last summer when I couldn’t have alcoholic beverages because I was breastfeeding. I was outside with my neighbor and she was having a drink so I went inside and whipped this up. Or blended. Piña coladas have always been my all time favorite drink. Now I have them for breakfast. Perfect for spring and summer mornings. For nighttime, I highly suggest you add some Malibu coconut rum and get a little twisted. Bottoms up!



1 banana
1 whole pineapple chopped (use half and freeze half for tomorrow’s smoothie)
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 tsp coconut oil
1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
Blend this all up, take a sip, close your eyes and pretend you are on a beach. For an even more realistic approach, do all the above while in a bikini!
Ps. My sister makes a pretty damn good one too, check hers out here

Green with Envy

This was probably the best smoothie I have ever made in my life. It was just so damn freaking amazingly good. Even ANDREW took a sip and he NEVER drinks smoothies. I can’t get him to drink one for the life of me. He doesn’t like the “banana” flavor and if that’s your deal or issue with smoothies also, try avocado! Gives the same thickness and consistency. And if you don’t like avocado, then I can’t help you. Avocado is natures butter and the key to my heart. And the key to my heart is right through my mouth down my esophagus into my stomach! Let’s get down to this greatness!




1 banana (anti-ulcer, antibacterial, boosts immunity, lower blood cholesterol)
1 cup baby spinach (anti-cancer, improves memory, antioxidant, promotes healing, anti-cataracts, anti-anemia)
1 cup frozen pineapple (aids digestion, potassium, vitamin C, iron)
1/2 cup mango (antioxidant, anticancer, vitamin A/C, potassium, niacin, fiber)
1 tbsp flax & chia (I mix mine together in the same Mason jar because I put flax and chia in literally everything)
1 tsp unsweetened coconut shreds
1 cup coconut milk
1 tsp coconut oil

I must admit, I never ever ever thought to put coconut oil in my smoothies until my health coach of a sister* directed me too and she was absolutely right! It is an awesome additive to any smoothie. Also, I use it for cooking, toast, my hair and face. It can be used for just about anything and has unlimited amounts of benefits.
*check her out here

Upload Overload: Foodie Edition

So if you know anything about me, another serious passion of mine besides clothing is food. Do I love cooking? No. Do I love eating healthy? Yes. And that’s what motivates me. I come from a family where everyone is in shape and a health nut. Growing up my parents always cooked the best, most tasty, healthiest meals and that is where I learned to curate different dishes of my own. Now I am no expert but I do know my taste buds love it and that’s really all that matters right? My gorgeous sister is actually a certified health coach and the biggest (yet tiniest at the same time because she is so small) inspiration. You can check her out here for the most awesome recipes. Oh and did I mention she is successful and absolutely beautiful? I have always looked up to both my sisters my entire life. They have hearts of gold and just always helping people and I love that about them. Now this post isn’t intended to be about my sisters but I guess I can rant and rave about them all day because they are just that awesome. And I love my two brothers as well hehe! Okay, time for my smoothie of the day! I usually wake up in the morning and go to the gym. I don’t eat because I don’t like to feel weighed down. I do not recommend this, however, it does work for me. When I get home from the gym, well, that’s a whole different ball game. My mouth is watering for a smoothie and my stomach (or cellulite) is crying for some grub. I could feel a little lightheaded after a workout probably because I burned so many calories and my sugar levels are low so I make a fruit smoothie. Also, I absolutely love photography and took a couple classes in college so that’s another reason why I wanted to start a foodie category. I get to take pictures!




Berry Bonanza
1 chopped banana (potassium, anti-ulcer, antibacterial, boost immunity, lower blood cholesterol & thickness)
1/2 orange & lemon (antioxidant, anticancer, vitamin C, limonene, choline, carotenoids & coumarins)
Handful of frozen or thawed raspberries (enhances immunity, potassium, niacin, iron & vitamin C)
1cup frozen or thawed blueberries (antidiarrheal, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, tannins, pectin, vitamin C, potassium & fiber)
Handful of baby spinach (anticancer, improves memory, antioxidant, promotes healing, anti-cataracts, anti-anemia, choline, folic acid, vitamin A/C/E, calcium, protein & potassium)
1 teaspoon chia/flax seeds
1 tablespoon unsweetened coconut shreds
1 cup POM Juice

Throw all these bad boys in the blender and viola! You’ve got a smoothie that tastes like Dylan’s Candy Bar in a glass. I highly recommend. Also, so many benefits of this smoothie. Mason drinks every smoothie I make and if a baby can do it, you can too!