I am loving plaid lately and I used to just think it was for Fall, but boy was I wrong. My sister gave me this coat and I fell in love. I love how big and baggy the fit is (I’m wearing a medium). I saw this coat and envisioned a mustard shirt with dark denim. And that’s just what I wanted until I realized I do not own one mustard shirt. I drove my booty over to H&M and found this linen shirt for $5! Not to mention while I was there I also got these three necklaces, all under $6. So yea, they are having a huge sale, like every other store right now trying to rid winter merchandise. Man time flies by, and today is thirsty thursday so whose having a drink? I hope I will be! 

Beanie: Urban Outfitters 

Sunnies: RayBan

Coat: Forever21

Shirt/necklaces: H&M

Denim: BDG

Shoes: Dolce Vita


My Rock(et)

Lately I have been more attached to Mase than ever. We have been touring preschools and it just hits you like a bat out of hell: my child will be leaving me soon? For school? I could have sworn I just gave birth to him yesterday, or what feels like yesterday. I don’t know where the time goes or why it goes so fast but such is life. We walk into all these schools and Mason makes friends right away, all the kids love him and congregate around him. As a mother observing, this is such a warm feeling inside. They ask him his name and also if he’d like to play. He acts as if I don’t even exist and there I go, off in the distance. I’m speaking to the head of schools while still keeping an eye on my baby boy because that’s all I know how to do. I feel like I can’t let go but he is so advanced and ready for school, that it is for the better. He is extremely social and the teachers can tell he is super advanced and he needs to utilize those skills. When I first found out I was pregnant I automatically wanted to homeschool him. My cousin did it and I really wanted to. Turns out, it wasn’t all that easy and like I had thought it would be. There were so many requirements with the state, and you had to be in a homeschooling community/town, just wasn’t possible unless we moved. I was homeschooled for 6 months in 6th grade and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I had a broken leg so I couldn’t go to school even if I wanted to. Back to Mase, I don’t know how parents do it. We chose a school super close to home so I can basically keep my eye on him all day if I wanted too. Aka going for jogs in circles around it for the three long hours that will feel like eternity when he is not with me. I know this is something every mom has to deal with and it will be a challenege, but like anything else I am sure I will adjust. Come September, my baby will be on his way to being the high achieving scholar he is meant to be. 

Sunnies: Gucci

Jeans: BDG (UO)



Shorts: Wrangler

Socks: Carter’s


Just Do It Later.

I was approached by SheInside to style an article of clothing, so I took a gander at their site and fell in love. SheInside is a fast fashion website, geared for the trendy with affordable prices. With constant sales and limited free shipping from time to time, it is worth every penny! When they told me to pick a few items I was stumped, I wanted pretty much everything. I narrowed it down by picking my favorite color, black, and my favorite style, comfy. Naturally, I knew I had to have the ‘Just Do It Later.’ tee. It is pretty much the story of my life, a procrastinator. I am always putting off the un-fun things like doctors/dentist appointment, hair, nails, shopping for big events last minute. Even things like the dishes and washing my hair, ugh. So this shirt fit me perfectly, literally and figuratively. The tee makes a statement, and is a play on the Nike slogan, Just Do It. It’s great for the gym or for a casual outfit. It can even be worn with a skater skirt and some sneakers. It is black and white so it goes with just about anything and the best part about it is its 60% off!!! SheInside is also offering free shipping until tomorrow, June 14th and it is 40% off your first order, so don’t walk, run!

Let’s just talk a little about Mason here because I can’t even deal with him. This little outfit is foreshadowing into his future, a basketball pro! Andrew and I both played basketball when we were younger and we were awesome at it, so this little man will be a natural. It is already his favorite sport, just like mommy and daddy. I also must say that his outfit is pajama’s but he wears it as an actual outfit. I bought it with every intention of it being worn outside and not in bed. Too cute for just bed. 

Sunnies: flea market find

Tee: c/o SheInside

Pants: BDG (UO)

Sneakers: Nike

M a m a b e a r 

One of my best friends made me this shirt about a year back and I wear it ALL THE TIME. It is the most comfortable thing ever and I love the message, especially when I’m out with Mase. Since I wear it all the time I am always so scared the lettering is going to wear off but it never does, thank Goodness! This is definately my ‘Momiform’. Jeans, tee, comfortable pair of kicks and sunglasses to hide the bags under my eyes. And let’s not forget the bold lipstick. I honestly feel that a good lip pulls any outfit together. I didn’t wear any makeup here and since I felt so causal, a bold lip for me was key. My father said “Jac what’s with the goth look” and then mentioned that he thought I got braces! Haha he cracks me up. A black lip isn’t for everyone but I highly urge you to try it because if you follow me on snap (yourfavwhitegal) I explained how the saying is true, ‘once you go black you never go back’ because it is now my go to color, for every outfit! I used to be that girl who always wore nude no matter what and would never even dare try a red or pink shade, now my lips are black. It’s funny how time changes everything. 

Sunnies: farmers market buy

Shirt: made by my lovely friend Lin and her amazing hubby Steven

Jeans: BDG

sneakers: Vans

Hip Hip Historay!

I am truly obsessed with Mason’s little shirt he recieved from Wee Rascals over the weekend. Their brand is based on historical men and women who have made a difference in our world. It allows children to focus on more than just comic book and cartoon characters. I’d much rather have my son wear Abe on his shirt rather than Thomas, no offense Thomas! It is historical mixed with modern styles. Two Mothers came up with this idea and I am just in awe of people like them. To get children to take a second and learn a thing or two about life before them, about something that actually matters, now to me that’s genius! 


shirt c/o: Wee Rascals

jeans: Polo Ralph Lauren 

shoes: Garanimals 


top: Asos

jeans: BDG

shoes: Bettye Muller

Sweatshirts are for Saturday’s 

Of course I would so badly love to be in a sundress this time of year, but the weather is anything but spring. It’s actually freezing today with snow in the forecast so, a big comfy cozy sweatshirt it is. I got this sweatshirt last week at a flea market for $2. Once I felt it, it was a done deal. It’s softer than soft and oversized, which I like for lounging around. I’m also glued to my Vans lately so that’s why you have been seeing them in so many posts. They really are my most comfortable sneaker right now. They also go with just about everything. 

Hat: Nike

Sunnies: Gucci

Sweatshirt: flea market find

Jeans: BDG 

Sneakers: Vans

Shoes for a Buck

There’s no shame in my game when I say I love a good bargain. Who doesn’t like a bargain? Kmart is currently having a buy one get one for a $1 shoes. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity and scored these hot little numbers. They are a stylish flat sneaker. I love the faux leather detail occupying the toe and the sweet side zipper to add extra flare. So even if they fall apart in a month, I won’t really care. They were a dollar. They have them in an adorable light pink as well imitating snake skin which I may pick up next for an extra spring shoe. For the first pair, Andrew got a pair of workboots which is how I found out about this killer deal. I mean, it’s Kmart, so there will not be a lot of options. But I honestly feel like I made these work and it’s all about your own personal style to make something good look great. They are surprisingly comfortable too which is always a plus. 

Sunnies: Farmers Market find 

SweatshirtHere & Here
Pants: BDG