Sweater Weather

There is nothing better than a big chunky knit sweater to warm you during this time of year. I am picturing hot chocolate and a fireplace right about now. What a dream. That’s what this sweater brings my mind to, all those cozy places. This sweater in particular I have gotten so many compliments on, (I’ve worn it three times in a week, no shame) and every person who complimented me asked me where I got it. I love a cut out because it adds some sexy to the ensemble without showing too much. You can still have a minor cut out by your neck and still be super warm. The way the sweater wraps around your neck makes up for it. I also feel that you don’t need to accessorize as much due to this detail. And also, the zippers in the sleeve came in handy not only to add cute edge, but to unzip because I was so warm in it. Mason had a fun time zipping and unzipping them, over and over again! He thought it was a game and I was like okay hunny it’s time to stop before it breaks 🤣. So I have added the link to this sweater and to a few more that are cute and cheap. I hope you this helps you find your future choker sweater! 

Sweater: c/o Sammy Dress (more styles herehere & here)

Jeans: Forever21 (old)

Boots: Forever21 (sold out, more here & here)

Bag: sold out (similar here)

*sweater provided by Sammy Dress


Dresses with Pockets

I don’t think I have ever met a fellow fashionista who doesn’t love a dress with pockets. I don’t know why this idea is so attractive to most, but it is. I think because it gives your hands something to do, perhaps not hang at your sides like a monkey while taking blog photos? Who knows. If I’m not too keen on a dress but I find out it has pockets, swipe! I’m buying. It’s like going to an event you are dreading but you find out it’s open bar! Okay, kidding. Not really. I think occupying your hands by just simply placing them in a pocket is just that more fun. If any of my readers have the answer, or a clue, please let me know! This “dress” is also a shirt that is size Large so it can act as a dress. Why? Pockets. Also, the kimono sleeves give it a little more flare than the every day button down. Andrew says it reminds him of a vintage Yankee jersey so he loves it which makes me love it even more. This shirt/dress also acts great as a bathing suit cover up! My sunglasses and watch were actually my moms from when she was younger. I can’t take the credit for that awesomeness, but I can for my DIY choker. A company sent me a necklace with the “D” pendant on a gold chain. (I guess the “D” is for my last name, I hope!) I ditched the gold chain and placed it on a piece of suede fabric from a fringe bag I had and viola! Cute DIY choker. I refuse to buy chokers because they are so easy to make. Take a ribbon and wrap it around your neck, not too tight! Cut a piece of fabric from a shirt or pair of jeans and tie it around your neck. No need to ever buy a choker, like ever. And please forgive me for my stained converse, that big discolored spot is ginger dressing. Yikes! Happy Saturday!!! 

Choker: DIY 

Dress: Zara