Crop Top Hoodie

Today is the day I start my workout regimine. JUST KIDDING. As much as I want to get into the new year new me workout spirit, I just can’t and food gets in the way every damn time. But wearing workout clothing makes me feel so good, like I just did workout but I didn’t. That’s why I love athleisure, it always makes you feel some type of way. Now I’m not saying that this crop top hood IS athleisure, but it works as that and that’s how I styled it. I also added a pair of leather leggings, (that I would never work out in) but since I didn’t I wore them. This hoodie is from a site called Rosegal which is another fast fashion website. There are a variety of apparels for super cheap, like dirt cheap. For instance, this hoodie, only $25. A Vetements hoodie is about quadrupole that. Pictured I am wearing a medium so it may run a bit big but that’s how I like my hoodies, very roomy so they are extra comfortable. I also love the feeling, extremely soft and stretchy. I would say this brand is very comprable to Zara, same price points, same styles. 

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Hoodie provided by Rosegal

Leggings provided by Lyssé (now on sale)



Sweater Weather

There is nothing better than a big chunky knit sweater to warm you during this time of year. I am picturing hot chocolate and a fireplace right about now. What a dream. That’s what this sweater brings my mind to, all those cozy places. This sweater in particular I have gotten so many compliments on, (I’ve worn it three times in a week, no shame) and every person who complimented me asked me where I got it. I love a cut out because it adds some sexy to the ensemble without showing too much. You can still have a minor cut out by your neck and still be super warm. The way the sweater wraps around your neck makes up for it. I also feel that you don’t need to accessorize as much due to this detail. And also, the zippers in the sleeve came in handy not only to add cute edge, but to unzip because I was so warm in it. Mason had a fun time zipping and unzipping them, over and over again! He thought it was a game and I was like okay hunny it’s time to stop before it breaks 🤣. So I have added the link to this sweater and to a few more that are cute and cheap. I hope you this helps you find your future choker sweater! 

Sweater: c/o Sammy Dress (more styles herehere & here)

Jeans: Forever21 (old)

Boots: Forever21 (sold out, more here & here)

Bag: sold out (similar here)

*sweater provided by Sammy Dress

Word to the Wool

Happy Merry Christmas Eve! I tossed and turned all night like a toddler waiting to hear Santa’s footsteps on the roof. I don’t know why I was so anxious, maybe for today’s festivities but as a result of zero shut eye, my eyes are red, swollen and burning and I already need a drink. Since I have to hold off for mimosas til company gets to my house, I will successfully drown myself in coffee. I also woke up extremely moody but coffee has saved the day. I took these pictures yesterday, well my mother did, as the UPS men were staring at us like we were crazy but I just kept thinking, my coat is amazing and I need these pictures! It’s not too often you buy something on the rather cheap side and it is carefully made with such precision and intent. The lines of the lapel make for a classic movement and will forever be a staple in any wardrobe. This coat exudes elegance and sophistication. Hence I needed to throw on a pair of fake specs! The quality of this coat is pristine, it’s heavy and firm. Oh and the kicker, it has POCKETS!! I could wear a paper bag if it had pockets. I think any and everyone is obsessed with apparel with pockets. Well I can go on and on about this coat but you need to order it for $25 and see the beauty for yourself. Of course I will provide a link* below and I hope you like today’s post. I know, who posts on Xmas eve? Oh well I do! It’s for a great cause (because everyone should own a wool coat that doesn’t break the bank!)

*Coat provided by Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress

Happy Day

After 5 long dreadful days, my Father was finally discharged from the hospital today. I am back to being the happiest girl ever and really couldn’t ask more. My Dad is the strongest person I know, besides my Mom and I just can’t even contain how excited and blessed (#blessed lol) we all are. Without our health, we have nothing, so always always always do whatever it takes to be super duper healthy! With th exception of chocolate and ice cream because let’s be real. Okay and the occasional glass of wine or martini. Okay I’m done. 

Today is so hot that it’s another black dress for me. Black to hide my sweat and short to keep things nice and breezy! I am loving the minimalistic approach and not too sure how I am feeling about chokers lately. I absolutely love wearing them, but EVERYONE wears them now and I just don’t quite know my thoughts yet about it. I’ll probably stick with them but every chick I see is rocking a choker. And they really do look so cute on everyone. Just adds that little bit of sass to any outfit. And obviously sneakers again because mother to a threenager over here! And yes, that’s a Thomas the Train band-aid on my ankle. Once you have kids, nothing is ever normal🙋🏼😂

Dress: Forever21


Life for the past two weeks has been anything but fun. “They” say bad things happen in three’s and boy are “they” right. Sunday night, whenever the VMA’s were on, I get a call from my brothers girlfriend relaying the horrible news that my brother got into an accident on his motorcycle. Long story short, he is okay, thank the Lord, but he did manage to mess up his knee, ankle, wrists. Ugh. Then, the next day I wake up feeling MISERABLE. Sore neck, aches throughout my entire body, heavy chest, fever, burning eyes, hurt stomach, like knives sporadically penetrating it, throbbing headache as if someone had my head in a vice and started to make it tighter and tighter, no energy or appetite. My mom had Mason from the night before for a sleepover but I had asked her to keep him for another night because I didn’t want whatever I had being passed off to him. This did not last for one or two days, it lasted 6 full days. After my mom dropped Mason off the second day my sister offered to take him for two days which I was so happy about. I honestly had no energy to “mom” or “adult”. Also I didn’t want him to catch whatever I had. I went to the doctor and told her my symptoms and she didn’t even know what I had. She said they are all normal symptoms but don’t add up to the flu or strep, and considering I wasn’t vomiting or having congestion or coughing, she couldn’t pin point. She prescribed me an antibiotic and on the 6th day, I was fine. Feeling fine, yes, walking to burn some cracker/soup/ toast (carb central) calories that I lived on for the week. Then I got a call from my Dad’s girlfriend. It was his one year anniversary of his Stem Cell Transplant so a day that my entire family thought we would be celebrating, we found out he was admitted to the hospital. I’m not going to get into it because it is extremely hard to talk about and far too much information, but now that has been my also want to respect my Fathers privacy, seeing as he dislikes social media. Hospital visits everyday for the person I admire most, my Father, have been the worst feeling in the world. I’m extremely close to my dad and will always be daddy’s little girl. I am so fragile when it comes to him, I want to always protect him especially because he did that for me my entire life. It’s a blessing that these nurses and doctors can do what they do and with modern medicine. He is still there and after I get out of this doctor visit now for my brother, I will be heading straight to visit my Dad. Who is making incredible progress by the way! Just another hurdle in life, and life is never easy. But looking at the bright side of everything that can go wrong, lets you realize that it always could be worse. Now you may be wondering all of this and you’re doing an outfit post? Yes, I am. Fashion is the only thing that lets me get out of my own head. It makes me feel a sense of goodness and I can control how I am going to look and feel that day. And believe me, I have been a mess everyday at the hospital in workout clothes with not an ounce of makeup and unwashed hair, but today I needed a distraction. I also don’t like to write negative stuff because what you manifest is what you create. So I am trying to go on with my normal life by blogging and outfit-posting! I am also now feeling major mom guilt seeing as I haven’t been spending too much time with Mason because I was sick for a week and now I’m at the hospital everyday for hours on end. So that’s another thing that is tearing me apart but I am just trying to hold it all together. Hope you all have a fantastic day and I wish you so, so well! Also, Happy Birthday to my best friend Stephanie. Now this is a girl who gets me and has always been there for me, since ’89! Love you so much! 

Sunnies: c/o Style by Girl

Dress: Heart + Hips

Choker: DIY

Watch: Vintage

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Dresses with Pockets

I don’t think I have ever met a fellow fashionista who doesn’t love a dress with pockets. I don’t know why this idea is so attractive to most, but it is. I think because it gives your hands something to do, perhaps not hang at your sides like a monkey while taking blog photos? Who knows. If I’m not too keen on a dress but I find out it has pockets, swipe! I’m buying. It’s like going to an event you are dreading but you find out it’s open bar! Okay, kidding. Not really. I think occupying your hands by just simply placing them in a pocket is just that more fun. If any of my readers have the answer, or a clue, please let me know! This “dress” is also a shirt that is size Large so it can act as a dress. Why? Pockets. Also, the kimono sleeves give it a little more flare than the every day button down. Andrew says it reminds him of a vintage Yankee jersey so he loves it which makes me love it even more. This shirt/dress also acts great as a bathing suit cover up! My sunglasses and watch were actually my moms from when she was younger. I can’t take the credit for that awesomeness, but I can for my DIY choker. A company sent me a necklace with the “D” pendant on a gold chain. (I guess the “D” is for my last name, I hope!) I ditched the gold chain and placed it on a piece of suede fabric from a fringe bag I had and viola! Cute DIY choker. I refuse to buy chokers because they are so easy to make. Take a ribbon and wrap it around your neck, not too tight! Cut a piece of fabric from a shirt or pair of jeans and tie it around your neck. No need to ever buy a choker, like ever. And please forgive me for my stained converse, that big discolored spot is ginger dressing. Yikes! Happy Saturday!!! 

Choker: DIY 

Dress: Zara


Another Sammydress

Today’s post is another dress I recieved from Sammydress and I have to say I’m a huge fan. If you are anything like me, you never repeat the same outfit twice. And I am not talking about jeans or your favorite tee. I’m talking about ensembles to events, weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc. If you do repeat, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but that’s just not my style! No pun intended. Usually everytime I am invited to something the first thing on my mind is what I am going to wear. That’s the reason I get so excited going out anywhere, simply for the mere fact to play dress up! Oh and let’s not forget about the food. But that is what is so great about Sammydress, you can actually have a different outfit EVERY TIME! With prices so affordable, and clothing so adorable, there is no reason to ever be a repeat offender again. I love the asymmetrical hem on this dress to add a little edge and how it zips in the back straight up to my neck as if there is already a built in choker. The dress is silky smooth and lightweight fabric. It would work for a nice dinner out or even a wedding, or any other outing for that matter. Okay now the best part, it is on clearance and less than $15. You can absolutely positively never have too many lbd’s in your wardrobe! Have a happy Friday and I hope you all get your shop on! 

Dress c/o: Sammydress






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