Busy Mama

Happy New Year to all! I love New Years, I love New anything. Always a new challenge and adventure which I am up for. And speaking of new, this dress came in the mail the other day and I was so excited because I am a huge fan of the built in choker, one less necklace I need to worry about! Like I said in my previous cut-out neck post this detail adds sexiness without showing too much. Too much skin is never good and this is the perfect amount. And I love how the dress is ribbed adding a nice texture and touch! This can be dressed up with a pair of OTK books and a hat or the way I style it over jeans. I like the vibe the bell bottoms add, almost 70s inspired. If worn as a dress, it is a swing dress style so even little ankle or sock boots would look great. I just see the bohemian potential this dress has to offer. It is also on sale and I will provide a link* below. Today’s look was just simple, one that I can actually maneuver in because it is a busy day. We started off at the doctor for Mase, then he wanted his favorite (chicken noodle soup) from Panera, fill his prescription, go food shopping, renew my license (bc I’m getting old) and do a hundred loads of laundry (that’s what it feels like anyway). Oh and let’s not forget I still need to take down my tree. I tackled all the decorations yesterday, phew! Sorry for the run-on sentences but I don’t think the grammar police are reading today anyway! Happy Monday y’all! 

*Dress provided by Shein

Jeans: Free People (sold out)

Boots: Dolce Vita (old)


Camel Coat

I’ve been away from my blog for a hot minute. There have been many changes going on in my life, amazing ones and I don’t have the time anymore for anything! I still manage to post outfits on my Instagram but to get into major detail on my blog, it’s been on the back burner. Today I am making the time. After all, everyday is Christmas for a blogger, just with deadlines ha! So this camel coat I was so ecstatic to receive and it is on sale for under $30. I mean, REALLY? This is a staple I can keep in my closet forever ever ever!!! And ever. I’ve always wanted a Kevin McCallister “dad” coat (Home Alone anyone?) and now I finally have my hands or arms in one! I didn’t want to distract the eye from the coat so I paired it with all black and I think the look came out amazing. I would say people around me did too because they couldn’t stop staring. When something is good, it’s neck break worthy. The ONLY thing I wish this coat had was a tiny slit up the back but I can always create that with my handy dandy scissors. Slay or sleigh (”tis the season) the day ladies! Please keep in mind I don’t edit my photos so yes that’s a hormonal pimple on my chin. I really don’t care to edit it out. I like to keep things real around here. 

Top: Forever21

Pants: Free People

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Coat c/o: SheIn

Boho Babe, Again.

I originally said I wanted to steer clear of boho looks, but I literally can’t. I wanted to dress in more form fitting clothing but on a 90 degree day, that is not happening. This type of outfit is perfect for sunny, hot weather. Everything is flowing and nothing is tight so it makes for easier everything. Okay so I must admit, the wool hat was just for pictures and I took it off right after, also because I had a dentist appointment. So I went to the dentist (sans hat, hence side fishtail) and then ran to get my nails done before the big holiday weekend ahead. Perfect for looking cute and comfortable for running errands. I’m sad to say that I got this dress at Target last year so it is no longer available. I absolutely adore this cold shoulder dress. I wore it in the winter with a leather Moto and booties and it looked adorable. Today was way too hot for that. So since I can’t eat because I am in pain from the dentist, the rest of the day is looking a lot like Mommy juice! To numb the pain of course! Til tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and as always, I hope you adore and come back for more!

Dress: Xhilaration 

Bag: H&M

Glad for Plaid

Once again, over the weekend I wore this plaid duster, I can’t get enough of it. I either wear it open as a vest over jeans and a tank or like a dress, as pictured below. After these pictures I changed into combat boots and a leather which also looked super cute, because it was super cold out. I was going to take pictures in that but I don’t want to totally bore you guys with the same piece all the time! Especially since I just wore this plaid number the other day. I hope I am not the only one who totally exhausts the life out of some articles of clothing. Once I find something I love, I like to wear it over and over again. This does not go for clothing for events or dinners or anything like that, just for everyday life for errands and what not. 

This morning Mason had the dentist and he did so well! I wanted to cry because he is getting so big but I held it together because I didn’t want my mascara down my cheeks at the dentist office. We did a mini workout after and had lunch with my Father and Andrew, three of my favorite men, so I’d say this was a pretty amazing Monday. 

Sunnies: Flea Market find $2

Plaid duster: Mossimo