I am loving plaid lately and I used to just think it was for Fall, but boy was I wrong. My sister gave me this coat and I fell in love. I love how big and baggy the fit is (I’m wearing a medium). I saw this coat and envisioned a mustard shirt with dark denim. And that’s just what I wanted until I realized I do not own one mustard shirt. I drove my booty over to H&M and found this linen shirt for $5! Not to mention while I was there I also got these three necklaces, all under $6. So yea, they are having a huge sale, like every other store right now trying to rid winter merchandise. Man time flies by, and today is thirsty thursday so whose having a drink? I hope I will be! 

Beanie: Urban Outfitters 

Sunnies: RayBan

Coat: Forever21

Shirt/necklaces: H&M

Denim: BDG

Shoes: Dolce Vita


Borrowed from the Boys

I saw this shirt at Target the other day in size medium on the clearance rack for $3. SCORE! I absolutely love The Beatles. ‘Hey Jude’ is my all time favorite song and I use to play it on repeat at the gym. Most Jersey people are pumping iron (and their fists) to house music and there I was on the stairmaster rocking out to The Beatles. That’s when I use to go to the gym. Now I just sit on my couch and stuff my face and watch Lifetime movies any free second I get these days but who is judging? And even if you are I really don’t care! The shirt was a no brainier and I used to have one from H&M that I wore till it literally had rips and holes, which made it look even cooler but it was time for a donation bag. After I purchased the shirt, I came home to a surprise box of sunglasses from Style by Girl, (thank you so much by the way), and these Sunnies were in it. Along with more awesome pairs I can’t wait to wear. I just had to style the shirt with the them because I immediately thought John Lennon signature moment. Jaclyn Lennon, has a nice ring to it. I also decided to don a boyfriend jean that are literally my boyfriends. Andrew went on to tell me, “wear skinny jeans to show your curves, I don’t like when girls wear boyfriend jeans” but I wore them anyway because you can’t tell me nothin. But no seriously, I love boyfriend jeans, anything boyfriend related really. I wear his tees and tanks all the time too!

Sunnies: c/o Style by Girl

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Kelsi Dagger 

Bag: H&M

Leather & Suede

I must say that whenever I get something sent to me from Lyssé, they never disappoint. From the feeling to the fit, to the style, this brand has it all. I feel so good when I am in their clothes and that is always a major for me. I can’t wear something I am not comfortable in. That is why I am in sweatshirts and sneakers most of the time. They sent me this jacket and right away I fell in love not only by just the look of it, but the soft suede feels good against my skin and there are drawstrings on the inside. So you can make a more baggy military look or hug your waist for more shape. Then when I put on these leggings, they suck you in like every other pair of Lyssé leggings I own! They really do feel like a second skin. Softer than a stick of butter. And speaking of butter, these are vegan so they do not come from a cow, like butter. So they are vegan approved! They are also machine washable which is a huge deal for me because I loathe going to the dry cleaners, that’s Andrews department, not mine (he gets literally everything dry cleaned). The high waist also makes these pants crop top friendly like I paired here. I love the boho edgy vibe and I think I may bring it back a little! Hope you enjoy today’s post and I highly recommend that if you want leggings that give you shape and comfort, check out Lyssé!

Sunnies: flea market find 

Top: H&M

Jacket: c/o Lyssé

Leggings: c/o Lyssé

Boots: Lucky Brand 


Beanie: c/o Zaibob 

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny spoiled Mason and it was like a mini Christmas for him! He got toys, clothes, stuffed animals and candy. And more candy. Too much candy. This little man was eating Skittles at 7:30 am and Lolipops right after. He then went on to say his tummy hurt and I was like hmmm, wonder why! I wouldn’t ever let him eat candy for breakfast but since today is a special holiday, I figured why not. We are on our way to my sisters house for Easter brunch and I cannot wait to see my entire family. My two brothers are both in different states but I will be seeing my sisters and parents. I’m one happy camper today, a little hectic in the morning but aren’t all holidays? Time to eat good food and be in great company. I hope everyone has a happy Easter and thank you for following! Xx. 


Hat: Nike 

Shirt/Pants: Carter’s

Coat: Urban Republic


Sunnies: RayBan

Choker: DIY 

Shirt: Banana Republic

Skirt: H&M

Booties: Lucky Brand

Jacket: Forever21

Dapper Dude

I’m in serious trouble when this kid grows up. The problem is that he knows how cute he is because everyone tells him. All. The. Time. Strangers, waiters, flight attendants, store greeters, aunts, uncles, family, mommy, daddy, everyone! Ever since this child was born he has been hearing it. He went to his first ever basketball game this weekend and my sister told me he was a little flirt. Can we say player! No pun intended! This kid is too much. He is an absolute nut. Today when I said it’s time for blog pictures he goes, “I’m bringing my apple because it’s healthy”, he is 2 going on 30. His personality is bigger than some adults I know. He always gets 4 or 5 and I’m like nope, just 2! Yikes! He is so outgoing and loving and knows what he wants and just how to get it. Not to mention, he is a little comedian, gets that from me if I can toot my own horn! I can’t believe this little rascal. I never knew I would/could create someone so amazing. I know all parents think this way, and of course, why wouldn’t you? Your child is literally a miracle, a gift of life. It still amazes me how babies are made. Every little detail, every little hair, every gene, every chromosome, right down to the toes and fingernails! I get so engrossed in the entire process and it really is an extraordinary thing. Not so beautiful though when they kick you as your trying to change their diaper or pull your hair! Oh and did I mention when you say no to them having candy? Lol. Okay so not everyday is roses, but not everyday is thorns either. The whole human thing is so much more than I can even begin to comprehend, nature in itself. I’m just so blessed to have a healthy little boy and I thank my lucky stars every single day. I pray to God every night for his health and wealth and well being and for letting Mason choose me as his Mommy. He is literally the reason why I am on this earth. I can’t think of any other reason, he is my calling. It’s crazy because once you have a child, nothing else really matters. It doesn’t matter when people complain that Monday’s suck, it doesn’t matter if you feel fat that day because life goes on, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t bikini ready, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the best car, it doesn’t matter. What MATTERS is that your child is healthy and happy. And I know not all moments are happy, but all healthy moments are beautiful. Today I am feeling extremely grateful for the life I live, the family I have, the man of my dreams who is my living reality everyday. I’m not letting the little stuff get me down. Life is too beautiful and precious. I’ve noticed, especially in this time of year, almost everyone I speak to is rushing time. “I can’t wait for warm weather, I can’t wait for summer”, and yes I am guilty at times too, but when you stop and think about it, every moment counts. Life is made up of all these said moments! The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, the grass is green where you water it! So take out your watering cans and make today the best Monday ever! I’m not going to apologize for getting corny today either because this is the way I feel and I’m sticking with it. Stay tuned because tomorrow can be totally different. Haha!!

Beanie: H&M

Turtleneck: Carter’s

Sweater: Ralph Lauren

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger

Sneakers: Converse

Coat: Urban Republic

Apple: Golden Delicious (organic of course)

Jumping Jac

This weather is such a tease. It’s sunny and gorgeous and then you step outside and it’s a whopping 27 degrees. No excuses though because summer bodies are made in the winter. I’ve never had a “summer body”. It’s always just been a “wear a cover up till I jump into the water and it covers me” body. I hate to make this post about body issues because there are far more way important things in life than the way your body looks. At the end of the day though, your body really lets your mind either be healthy or unhealthy. Right now I am in an unhealthy state because I know summer is coming and I just want to be carefree. Jump up from my towel and walk carelessly to the water. I could never do that. Either I’m having a bloat day where my tummy isn’t flat enough or my thighs look too big. This is a struggle I have each and everyday and I’m really looking forward to a carefree summer body this year. It’s so hard too because I love food and never want to sacrifice it. This means I have to work extra hard on my body and myself as a whole. And I must say, I am still 10 pounds heavier than when I first gave birth almost 3 years ago. It just won’t go away no matter how many HIIT workouts I do. I envy Moms who look like a VS model! Not fair, then again not my reality and never will be. So I know I have been wearing lots of athleisure on my blog lately, but it’s because I am constantly working on myself. It’s become a lifestyle. Mason always wants to go to the park and play outside so that’s my chance to get in a mini workout, lunges, jumping jacks, squats or dips on the park equipment. Today we decided to have the Hudson as our backdrop and have some fun in the sun. I promise I will get some fancy schmancy outfits up soon, when I feel confident enough! 

Sweatshirt: H&M (old)


Over the Knee

Recently I read a blog post that said “In 2016, over the knee boots must die”. It inspired me to break out my boots for this post. I mean who doesn’t love to let out their inner stripper? Just kidding. They aren’t just for strippers anymore! Kidding again. But seriously. These boots are the perfect fix for winter legs. And by winter legs I mean white and haven’t seen the sun in months. They are the best solution for not having to wear tights, and believe me I hate tights. I’ll never forget way back when, when my mother still dressed me she put out tights for me to wear and I just sat there and cried. Haven’t been a fan since. Unless they are black opaque tights. No sheer, no nude, no thanks. Back to the boots, moral of my post is no, they shouldn’t die. They serve great purpose and look great with many outfits. Style isn’t about what trend should ‘die’ (despise that word) and which one should resurrect. To me, it’s about wearing whatever you feel that day and looking damn good while doing it. I’m a total chameleon. One day I am donning the threads of a 90s chick, the next I am bohemian and then channeling my inner boy. This may or may not have something to do with my non-diagnosis of ADD. Okay going off on a tangent. Speaking of tangents, I know I have many run-on sentences so yes I’m aware. It’s when you have so many thoughts consuming your brain and instead of writer block it’s like writers diarrhea. Okay this is getting gross and on that note, Happy Friday!

Choker: DIY

Dress: Bethany Mota

Bag: H&M (old)