Crop Top Hoodie

Today is the day I start my workout regimine. JUST KIDDING. As much as I want to get into the new year new me workout spirit, I just can’t and food gets in the way every damn time. But wearing workout clothing makes me feel so good, like I just did workout but I didn’t. That’s why I love athleisure, it always makes you feel some type of way. Now I’m not saying that this crop top hood IS athleisure, but it works as that and that’s how I styled it. I also added a pair of leather leggings, (that I would never work out in) but since I didn’t I wore them. This hoodie is from a site called Rosegal which is another fast fashion website. There are a variety of apparels for super cheap, like dirt cheap. For instance, this hoodie, only $25. A Vetements hoodie is about quadrupole that. Pictured I am wearing a medium so it may run a bit big but that’s how I like my hoodies, very roomy so they are extra comfortable. I also love the feeling, extremely soft and stretchy. I would say this brand is very comprable to Zara, same price points, same styles. 

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Hoodie provided by Rosegal

Leggings provided by Lyssé (now on sale)



29 and feeling fine

Today I turn 29. Yes I am a proud Capricorn, I love starting off every new year a year older and wiser. It feels good it feels the same it feels special. This is the last year of my life I will ever again say I am twenty-something. I was and never have been a “birthday” girl. I never was the type to let the world know it’s “my day”. In fact, ever since I was younger, like elementary days I would play hooky and not go to school and as I got older I would call out of work. Every year. I never wanted to make it all about me me me. That isn’t my personality. I always want others to shine and I want to make them laugh and feel good. I never ever wanted the attention, that never felt right to me and still doesn’t. Hence the reason why I don’t plan to ever marry. One night of all eyes on you sounds like a nightmare to me. You’re probably thinking this is coming from the girl who posts an #ootd on Instagram everyday. Why yes, I do that to hopefully inspire others in my outfit choices. That is the one thing I am confident most in, my outfits, my expression to the world without saying a damn thing. Other than that I never ever wanted the attention. I use to wear a wedding ring in college so men wouldn’t hit on me. I worked at Express and Michael Kors in college and they made me a “greeter” and I would BEG to do go-backs in the fitting room just so I could be in my own little shell. But this is 29. This year is different. Maybe it’s because I’m hitting 30 next year and I feel like THAT means big business. As in, I’m really no longer a spring chicken anymore. Life flies by and it is quite scary. It’s petrifying. I can say my 20s were the BEST years of my life. I partied my ass off in college every single night in NYC, and I mean every single night. My mother had a 12 hour successful spinal fusion surgery, my father battled leukemia and fought that mother fucker (sorry not sorry for my French), my brother was in a motor cycle accident and is fine, my sister changed her career path and took a huge risk and is happier than ever, I moved out of my childhood home, my parents divorced and I was okay but now it really hits close to home for me and I’m working on it, my old boss at the law firm I worked at for 7 years who I was super close with passed, he was one of the best men I ever knew. Lots of my friends got married and had babies, I rekindled old friendships/relationships, I realize things now that I never realized in my teens. I get why they say youth is wasted on the young. I started my blog which I love doing and love curating new outfits all day everyday, that makes me happy, I have the bestest friend a girl can ever ask for, I don’t even consider her a friend, she is my soulmate/soul sister. And most importantly, and I mean most, i met the love of my life, the man who gives me any/and everything, who would drop the world for me. He is the nicest, sweetest man and from there we had the most gorgeous little boy. I am healthy, Andrew is healthy, Mason is healthy. That is all in my life that matters. I am really lucky and I think about how lucky I am everyday and every decision I have made that’s led me to where I am. Now we have opened our own business and its super successful and we are overwhelmed with positive feedback. I love my family, I love my life. 2017 is going to be one of the best years yet for me. I am so thankful for the years who have made me, me. Bring it on 29, I’m feeling it. (Sorry I wrote this extremely quick and did not proofread!) 

Top provided by Mad Glam Boutique

Pants provided by Lyssé

Leather & Suede

I must say that whenever I get something sent to me from Lyssé, they never disappoint. From the feeling to the fit, to the style, this brand has it all. I feel so good when I am in their clothes and that is always a major for me. I can’t wear something I am not comfortable in. That is why I am in sweatshirts and sneakers most of the time. They sent me this jacket and right away I fell in love not only by just the look of it, but the soft suede feels good against my skin and there are drawstrings on the inside. So you can make a more baggy military look or hug your waist for more shape. Then when I put on these leggings, they suck you in like every other pair of Lyssé leggings I own! They really do feel like a second skin. Softer than a stick of butter. And speaking of butter, these are vegan so they do not come from a cow, like butter. So they are vegan approved! They are also machine washable which is a huge deal for me because I loathe going to the dry cleaners, that’s Andrews department, not mine (he gets literally everything dry cleaned). The high waist also makes these pants crop top friendly like I paired here. I love the boho edgy vibe and I think I may bring it back a little! Hope you enjoy today’s post and I highly recommend that if you want leggings that give you shape and comfort, check out Lyssé!

Sunnies: flea market find 

Top: H&M

Jacket: c/o Lyssé

Leggings: c/o Lyssé

Boots: Lucky Brand 


Beanie: c/o Zaibob 

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger

Lyssé Leggings

I’ve got quite the collection of Lyssé leggings because they are addicting. They feel like butter to the touch and are super comfortable. Most are versatile too where you can dress them up or down. The pair I am wearing below spice the everyday legging up a bit with a cute mesh shin and side zipper for a little edge. They come in white as well and I think I may get them too! These can be worn with a stacked heel or sneakers like I did. I brought Mason to the arcade so I had no other choice but to wear sneakers. These leggings don’t only look amazing but they make you feel great too. They are high waisted and suck you in! Well done Lyssè, well done! Make sure you grab your pair today! 


Leggings: c/o Lyssé


Zealous for Zaibob

One day we have a blizzard and the next is 60 degrees. No complaints here and I am loving every second of this bipolar weather. Mason received this beautiful beanie from Zaibob just in time for today’s post. It comes all the way from Dublin, Ireland, which to me makes it that much cooler. It is 100% cotton and almost feels like silk, it’s so soft. It’s the perfect beanie for fall, winter and spring. I mean you can even have your little babe wear it in the summer but I don’t know too many people rocking beanies in steaming hot sun. I must brag a little and say that the color of this beanie, which is Royal brings out the blue in Mason’s eyes and makes it look like he has the carribean sea for eyeballs. Perfectly compliments his features and just adds the trendy to his already super hip style. I’m in for it with this kid. 

As for Mama, of course I am always all for comfort. I am wearing a dress for a shirt but just felt that these leggings that my friends over at PB&J Boutique sent to me would spice it up that much more. I love how the shirt has a cutout shoulder detail and I believe the Moto leggings added to that vibe. The ribbed slash suede shin sent me over the edge of awe with these leggings. By the way, they are softer than a stick of butter and I literally could eat them on toast. Yes they are THAT delicious. You will be seeing these leggings a lot because I absolutely could live in them. They are high waisted with faux pockets on the butt which gives them the illusion of looking like actual pants. This welcomes the world of pairing them with crop tops. Also did I mention they suck you in? Always an added bonus. A simple white or black tee and sneakers would also be so ill yet so simple because you still have that dopeness factor due to the leather. Vegan leather which makes them even more badass. 


Beanie c/o: Zaibob

Jeans: Carter’s


Leggings c/o: PB&J Boutique