Crop Top Hoodie

Today is the day I start my workout regimine. JUST KIDDING. As much as I want to get into the new year new me workout spirit, I just can’t and food gets in the way every damn time. But wearing workout clothing makes me feel so good, like I just did workout but I didn’t. That’s why I love athleisure, it always makes you feel some type of way. Now I’m not saying that this crop top hood IS athleisure, but it works as that and that’s how I styled it. I also added a pair of leather leggings, (that I would never work out in) but since I didn’t I wore them. This hoodie is from a site called Rosegal which is another fast fashion website. There are a variety of apparels for super cheap, like dirt cheap. For instance, this hoodie, only $25. A Vetements hoodie is about quadrupole that. Pictured I am wearing a medium so it may run a bit big but that’s how I like my hoodies, very roomy so they are extra comfortable. I also love the feeling, extremely soft and stretchy. I would say this brand is very comprable to Zara, same price points, same styles. 

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Hoodie provided by Rosegal

Leggings provided by Lyssé (now on sale)



Just Do It Later.

I was approached by SheInside to style an article of clothing, so I took a gander at their site and fell in love. SheInside is a fast fashion website, geared for the trendy with affordable prices. With constant sales and limited free shipping from time to time, it is worth every penny! When they told me to pick a few items I was stumped, I wanted pretty much everything. I narrowed it down by picking my favorite color, black, and my favorite style, comfy. Naturally, I knew I had to have the ‘Just Do It Later.’ tee. It is pretty much the story of my life, a procrastinator. I am always putting off the un-fun things like doctors/dentist appointment, hair, nails, shopping for big events last minute. Even things like the dishes and washing my hair, ugh. So this shirt fit me perfectly, literally and figuratively. The tee makes a statement, and is a play on the Nike slogan, Just Do It. It’s great for the gym or for a casual outfit. It can even be worn with a skater skirt and some sneakers. It is black and white so it goes with just about anything and the best part about it is its 60% off!!! SheInside is also offering free shipping until tomorrow, June 14th and it is 40% off your first order, so don’t walk, run!

Let’s just talk a little about Mason here because I can’t even deal with him. This little outfit is foreshadowing into his future, a basketball pro! Andrew and I both played basketball when we were younger and we were awesome at it, so this little man will be a natural. It is already his favorite sport, just like mommy and daddy. I also must say that his outfit is pajama’s but he wears it as an actual outfit. I bought it with every intention of it being worn outside and not in bed. Too cute for just bed. 

Sunnies: flea market find

Tee: c/o SheInside

Pants: BDG (UO)

Sneakers: Nike

Thrill of Thrifting

This right here folks is usually my everyday attire unless I have an event to go to or some other outting. Jeans, sweatshirt, hat and kicks. I wish it was more exciting but I’d be lying if I said it was! Andrew came home the other day with these Vans for me and I was so happy because I had been eyeing them for a while. Now don’t get me wrong, when I do have something to go to, I go all out. Another thing to be excited about is that I got my sweatshirt at The Salvation Army for $1.99. Salvation Army is my absolute FAVORITE place to shop! Call me crazy, but that’s where I get most of my amazing clothes. I try to go there about once a month to see what gold I can get for dirt cheap. I saw this Nike Air and was like score! Its got some holes around the wrist and I love it that way even more. I have been thrifting for about 5 years now and I must say, you won’t always score, but when you do, it’s the best feeling in the world! I don’t like to wear my clothes more than a couple times at most, so that’s why I like cheap pieces. Also the thrill of thrifting gives you such a high! Hope you enjoy my outfit of the day! Stay tuned for more dressy looks this week! 

Hat: Obey (sold out)

Sunnies: Gucci

Sweatshirt: Nike (thrifted)

Jeans: J. Crew


Sweatshirts are for Saturday’s 

Of course I would so badly love to be in a sundress this time of year, but the weather is anything but spring. It’s actually freezing today with snow in the forecast so, a big comfy cozy sweatshirt it is. I got this sweatshirt last week at a flea market for $2. Once I felt it, it was a done deal. It’s softer than soft and oversized, which I like for lounging around. I’m also glued to my Vans lately so that’s why you have been seeing them in so many posts. They really are my most comfortable sneaker right now. They also go with just about everything. 

Hat: Nike

Sunnies: Gucci

Sweatshirt: flea market find

Jeans: BDG 

Sneakers: Vans

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny spoiled Mason and it was like a mini Christmas for him! He got toys, clothes, stuffed animals and candy. And more candy. Too much candy. This little man was eating Skittles at 7:30 am and Lolipops right after. He then went on to say his tummy hurt and I was like hmmm, wonder why! I wouldn’t ever let him eat candy for breakfast but since today is a special holiday, I figured why not. We are on our way to my sisters house for Easter brunch and I cannot wait to see my entire family. My two brothers are both in different states but I will be seeing my sisters and parents. I’m one happy camper today, a little hectic in the morning but aren’t all holidays? Time to eat good food and be in great company. I hope everyone has a happy Easter and thank you for following! Xx. 


Hat: Nike 

Shirt/Pants: Carter’s

Coat: Urban Republic


Sunnies: RayBan

Choker: DIY 

Shirt: Banana Republic

Skirt: H&M

Booties: Lucky Brand

Jacket: Forever21

Lyssé Leggings

I’ve got quite the collection of Lyssé leggings because they are addicting. They feel like butter to the touch and are super comfortable. Most are versatile too where you can dress them up or down. The pair I am wearing below spice the everyday legging up a bit with a cute mesh shin and side zipper for a little edge. They come in white as well and I think I may get them too! These can be worn with a stacked heel or sneakers like I did. I brought Mason to the arcade so I had no other choice but to wear sneakers. These leggings don’t only look amazing but they make you feel great too. They are high waisted and suck you in! Well done Lyssè, well done! Make sure you grab your pair today! 


Leggings: c/o Lyssé


Future Mr. Right

Boy oh boy are we missing Florida! The Palm trees, the weather, playing outside and no bundling up required! These pictures were taken last week in Melbourne, warmer days to say the least. This little dude right here kept me up all night last night. He slept in my bed and wanted a bottle of milk every two hours! He chugs milk like cows are going out of style and is on a huge milk kick. He goes through phases and some days he hates milk and others he loves it. Last night, he couldn’t get enough. Which means I got zero sleep, he kicked me all night and took up my entire bed. Seems like he grows into a full grown human at night. He sleeps sprawled out and I have like, two inches, if that! On my own bed! Today we took it easy because of course I woke up grouchy, and I was wondering if any other Mother goes through this! I literally had to do a face mask because the bags under my eyes were bigger than planet earth. Fellow Mama’s, how do you get your child in their own bed?! It was cool when he was little and I didn’t even know he was there, now he is huge and a bed hog and is hindering my sleep. On a more positive note, tonight my best friend is coming over and we will celebrate her moving into her new apartment and I couldn’t be happier for her! I am looking forward to some wine and girl talk with my best. Hope you all have a great weekend and sorry if I complained too much in this post, I’m just desperate for some real zzz ‘s!!! 


Hat: Nike (Daddies)

Shirt/sneakers: Walmart (sold out)

Jeans: Polo by Ralph Lauren