Andrew and I had the absolute honor to meet the founder and CEO of Hello Products. He is seriously the nicest man ever, besides Andrew. Mason was with my sister for the weekend, last weekend and I decided to go work for Slab Supply for the day. Low and behold two men walk in the door and spend some time taking a gander. We got into talking and Andrew asked what they do for a living blah blah blah. Nonchalantly, Craig, the CEO says “oh I own a toothpaste company”. The man he was with was wearing a “Hello” beanie and I said, “hello toothpaste”? And he said oh wow you know us! And I said of course I know you! You guys have the coolest packaging/marketing. I’m a sucker for good marketing. The packaging is extremely clean and minimal. Love that. Turns out the man in his Hello beanie was the graphic designer so yea he is pretty talented. So, they wind up buying a beautiful spalted maple conference table and from there it was history. Andrew delivered the table (and they are located right in Montclair!) and they hooked us up with two huge bags of all different varieties of toothpaste, toothbrushes and breath spray. They also hooked Mason up with kiddie toothpaste. I originally saw this Hello toothpaste in my sisters bathroom a while ago and then started seeing it in stores. I was always drawn to it but never bought it. I guess the universe led me to this reason right here why. We now have enough Hello toothpaste for a while and it is so amazing I could literally eat it. The Mojito Mint, need I say more? It’s almost better than the real thing. The toothbrushes are made out of recycled yogurt cartons which I love a good recycled product because duh, better for the environment and for my kids future, the bristles are soft and really clean your teeth. There are no chemicals in this toothpaste that will wear away at your enamel, which is why so many people have sensitive teeth. Unfortunately me being one of them. But not anymore thanks to Hello! And also there are no foaming agents which are carcinogenic so this toothpaste does not foam. It took me like a day to get used to and now I don’t think I could ever go back to that crap. These products make me want to go to the dentist just so I can see how much my teeth are improving. Flavor so good and teeth so clean, what more can you ask for? Mason is also a huge fan of his toothpastes and loves the flavors. I haven’t tried them but I trust his feedback. The breath spray is also pure so even Mason can use it. Although he doesn’t like it because he hates Mint. Mint is too spicy for kids anyway so more for me! I hope you guys will go give it a shot because it will not disappoint. Also, I was not paid or told to write this post. I simply did it because I LOVE the product! 

You can read about the company and find more products here