International Women’s Day

Top c/o: Rosegal

Leggings: Kyodan Active

Sneakers: Nike 


Jumping Jac

This weather is such a tease. It’s sunny and gorgeous and then you step outside and it’s a whopping 27 degrees. No excuses though because summer bodies are made in the winter. I’ve never had a “summer body”. It’s always just been a “wear a cover up till I jump into the water and it covers me” body. I hate to make this post about body issues because there are far more way important things in life than the way your body looks. At the end of the day though, your body really lets your mind either be healthy or unhealthy. Right now I am in an unhealthy state because I know summer is coming and I just want to be carefree. Jump up from my towel and walk carelessly to the water. I could never do that. Either I’m having a bloat day where my tummy isn’t flat enough or my thighs look too big. This is a struggle I have each and everyday and I’m really looking forward to a carefree summer body this year. It’s so hard too because I love food and never want to sacrifice it. This means I have to work extra hard on my body and myself as a whole. And I must say, I am still 10 pounds heavier than when I first gave birth almost 3 years ago. It just won’t go away no matter how many HIIT workouts I do. I envy Moms who look like a VS model! Not fair, then again not my reality and never will be. So I know I have been wearing lots of athleisure on my blog lately, but it’s because I am constantly working on myself. It’s become a lifestyle. Mason always wants to go to the park and play outside so that’s my chance to get in a mini workout, lunges, jumping jacks, squats or dips on the park equipment. Today we decided to have the Hudson as our backdrop and have some fun in the sun. I promise I will get some fancy schmancy outfits up soon, when I feel confident enough! 

Sweatshirt: H&M (old)